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Biseinen-ya (Formerly Ycon Auctions)
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In case you are wondering who "Biseinen-ya" is.  We are formerly Yaoi-Con (or LJ name Ycon_Auction).  We have absolutely no affiliation with www.yaoicon.com.  We would like to continue our previous mission and instead of raising funds for Yaoi-con, we'd like to continue the spirit of it and donate to causes near and dear to our hearts.

Currently, we are kicking off an e-raffle.  Please refer to our STICKY for details. You do not have to be a member to participate as that this is not an Auction.  We may opt to do another round of the Raffle if this turns out to be successful.  Or return to our Auction format. 

We may also post BIN sales.  Check back often to see the updates!